Zurich House - Portsmouth - Urban Exploration.

Standing all dark, reflective and shiny in-between Portsmouth's Victoria Park and Commercial Road shopping misery is the former Zurich House building. Built in 1973 (designed by the Gollins, Melvin and Ward Partnership) and standing at roughly 60 meters it has been a prominent view point on the city's skyline for some time now. My first of many trips here was back [...]

A night on the Town...

For most people a night on the town involves getting lashed at your local spoons and stumbling into a kebab shop at 2am in a drunken hunger fueled haze of garlic mayo and pita. For some of us a night on the town actually means a night on the town, specifically the roof tops. For the past couple of weeks myself and a good buddy had been planning to have a look at a dis[...]

Building Harveys Climbing Wall

In early 2014 I was hired to document a project that involved converting a garage into a rehabilitation room for the then 4 years old Harvey Young. I was brought into the project by local building firm Titchfield Builders Properties (TBP) who had kindly agreed to do the conversion free of charge. Harvey was born on the 18th of January 2010 six weeks premature which[...]

Wandering In The Dark - The Odeon, Portsmouth.

Urban Exploration is nothing new, its been around a long time and has only become a subculture itself over the past decade. For the uninitiated urban exploration (UE or urbex are other names) is the activity of exploring abandoned, disused or off limits places. Sometimes legally, most of the time illegally. For me the activity is one of escapism and challenge, the pho[...]

Yokkao 10 & 11 @ The Macron Stadium, Bolton, 2014.

A few weeks ago I had arranged with Jack from Thai Boxing Store to get into the top Muay Thai fight show in the UK this year to grab some images for use in Jacks marketing. So both myself and good friend Si, Muay Thai connoisseur, headed north five hours to watch some of the top talent in the UK and the World. The last show held by both the Yokkao and Super Showdown p[...]

My First Composite - the lake scene from Disneys 'Tangled'.

For a long time now I have wanted to get into compositing having been inspired by guys like Dave Hill, Erik Johansson, Dimitri Daniloff, Tim Tadder by agencies like Taylor James and by almost every CGI film released in the past decade. I love how elements are seamlessly brought together to realise an artistic vision and I admire the skill with which it is done. Th[...]


In the first part of this Photography for Beginners series, we looked at your camera and the various settings available to you, enabling you to get the camera set up so you can take a decent photo. In this second part we will look at the different ways you can support a camera whilst taking a photograph. Why is it important to know how to hold a camera properly? [...]

Loktah Signature Press Book Review

When you begin shooting weddings you start the epic hunt for quality products with which to present your fine work. Over the years I have tried so many different products from many different product companies and manufacturers which, to be honest, were both bland and cliché. It is probably a small thing, this minor obsession with presentation products, but it has been[...]