One of the most annoying parts of Lightroom which started to float into builds in version 3 is the hard coding of default presets into the develop module. I can understand the reasoning, to prevent new users of the software accidently deleting them, but for those of us who have moved on beyond this they are a chore. This method I have stumbled across will remove the actual presets, but not the folders they are in (annoyingly). Also, the presets will more than likely reappear when you update to a new version of Lightroom.

RANDOM YET RELATED KNOWLEDGE – For those who do not know, the fastest way to get to Lightrooms Develop Preset folder is to go to the EDIT menu, click on ‘PREFERENCES’, click on the presets tab (step 1) and then click on ‘SHOW LIGHTROOM PRESETS FOLDER’. If Lightroom opens up in the adobe roaming folder simply navigate to the folder named ‘Lightroom’ (step 2), double click and then double click on the folder named ‘Develop Presets’ (step 3).


You are effectively left with two options for removing the presets themselves:

METHOD 1 – hack them out with a cup of coffee and a large axe,

METHOD 2 – download a free piece of software called ‘Resource Hacker‘ and do some casual deleting. 

Once you have installed the program (I did virus check mine using Avast) open it up. Then open up a window and navigate to “Computer > Main Disk (C) > Program Files > Adobe > Adobe Lightroom. In here you will find a lightroom module called develop. Drag and drop this into the white box area in Resource Hacker. You will see a navigation tree open up.


click on the ‘+’ of the LRTEMPLATE folder. You are now presented with a long list of the hard coded presets. Click on the ‘+’ of each entry and then left click on the cog icon, this will open up the preset in the editing window. Keep your mouse on the cog icon and then right click and then left click delete. This will delete the entry and move you automatically down to the next entry. Repeat until you have deleted all the presets.


Please note that if you wonder into any one of the other folders in here and delete something then odds on your version of Lightroom will cease to function and the world as you know it fall down around you (or you could just re-install Lightroom). If I find a method to remove the folders before the Lightroom team see some sense then I will post up an update on this page.

Happy editing good people.